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From the concert last Saturday. This is my favorite piece we’re singing this semester (though I do like parts of the Brahms when I’m in the right zone).

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You are a vineyard newly blossomed. Young, beautiful, growing in Eden, a fragrant poplar sapling in Paradise. May God adorn you. No one is more worthy of praise.You yourself are the sun, shining brilliantly.

Chamber Singers (an appendage of Glub and Chorale) singing Shen Khar Venakhi.  

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And a wonderful choral banquet was had by all.

Laughter rang through Willits tonight. Tears were shed over happy memories and goodbyes. We have officially concluded our 2012-13 choral season and it couldn’t have been better. Onto Commencement Choir where we say our final goodbyes to our seniors and through a summer that will bring a new school year and an even more wonderful year of Glub!

To end with a line from Litany, by Billy Collins:

"You will always be the bread and the knife,

not to mention the crystal goblet and — somehow— the wine.”

Congrats to our new core four!

After holding elections today, we’re proud to announce our new core four for the 2013-14 year! 

Co-Presidents: Elena “Rocky” Eimert and Izzy “Carnie” Bisese

Business Manager: Rose “the Riveter” Levenson

Treasurer: Shreya “Swag” Padmanabhan

Eliminator of Confusion: Sarah Jane “Her Majesty” White

Additional congratulations to our new webmistress, Olivia “Vicious” Vicioso!

Just back from the Glub Spring 2013 Northeast Tour. WHAT A BLAST. Lasagne was eaten, nicknames were bestowed, and Duck Tours were serenaded. All in all, a phenomenal weekend!

For those of you who missed us in Manchester, VT and Wellesley, MA, never fear! Our Spring Concert (with all the MHC Choral Forces) is this coming Saturday (4/20) in Abbey Chapel! Come hear some new rep, including a gorgeous piece by Nathan Jones (its third world premier!) along with some new movements of Tormis! Can’t wait to see everyone there!



Today Glub left on the Spring Tour. Yay!!! Actually my day started way earlier. But I went to ride in a clinic at the barn at 6:30 AM, Ticket was AWESOME (he’s been so good lately), then class then bus ride to Vermont. So far the tour has consisted of Elena and myself nick naming the choir, getting everybody on board with a secret move, singing with a childrens choir, getting paired with the BEST HOST EVER, and currently watching Doctor Who.

Pictured is part of Glub (Glee Club one word, it’s happening) in the hall of the music building before we departed. 


Midwinter Dreams: To This House Give Glim’ring Light - Mendelssohn


Midwinter Dreams - You Spotted Snakes: Mendelssohn


The Sewer Song - Glee Club; Mount Holyoke/Rutgers Concert, Spring 2012

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